Based in Betchton, Sandbach, Chesire, we offer our customers the excellent quality of service and approach developed by Carolyn Barker and now owned and run by Jane Dale since January, 2011. You will find us friendly, professional and reasonably priced.


We can offer you the following:


  • All items are washed individually to prevent cross contamination from other rugs.
  • Each item is air-dried to prevent shrinkage that can be associated with tumble drying.


  • Rugs are carefully repaired here in Betchton, straps and buckles replaced, and rips and tears patched, giving the rug a new lease of life.


  • Rugs are hand-proofed, ensuring that the outside is proofed properly without affecting the breathability of the inside lining.
  • This also ensures that all repairs are carefully proofed to prevent leakage through the new stitching.


  • All rugs are packaged in a polythene wrapper for easy storage and identification.

Collection & Delivery

  • For your convenience, rugs can be collected and delivered within a 15 mile radius of Betchton, Sandbach.
  • Outside of this area we can come to an arrangement.


  • Don’t worry about your items getting lost or mixed up as we have an excellent tagging system in place, which tracks every item from the point it arrives up until the point it leaves. We assure you that your rugs are in safe hands.

Get in touch

If you have any items we haven’t mentioned, which require washing, or are in need of repair, please do not hesitate to contact us at 07923411382.

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